Redeem provides hemp based medical solutions for people and pets. The products allow people to naturally bring back their health.

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Redeem is a USA based company which provides hemp based products. The website design purpose for Redeem was to create a website which wasn't a template on Shopify. The reason they needed the website on Shopify is because they needed the worlds best Ecommerce CMS to so they good look at the analytics of their website and determine the best marketing approach. They wanted the website to appear bright/fun/full of life as they wanted the website to be a beacon of hope for potential viewers. Some of the viewers would be potentially people with cancer and other deadly health diseases. We managed to create a stunning website which is a complete custom design on Shopify. It really has no equal on Shopify. Not only is it visually impressive, it also has become a tool which the marketing team were about to use delightfully it increase conversion rates by a stunning 40%!

The website design for Redeem is a showcase of our abilities. We we able to design and develop the entire site within 3 weeks only, while other developers take almost a month working from a template. Since it's development and launch late last year, we have been working alongside the marketing team in heat map analytics to try and determine user behavior on the website and make the necessary amendments to further increase sales of products. We believe that our work a capabilities have set a new benchmark for Redeem, and we are very pleased with their dramatic increase in sales, solidifying our work, as some of the worlds most creative and impression designers & developers.



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