In Sessions

Still in Session is a project created and embraced by a collective of the Melbourne scene. A livestream that showcases Melbourne’s finest talent to unearthing the ever growing talent that is buried in this city.

Style Required From Client
Minimal, Futuristic
Colour scheme
live website

Still Insessions wanted a simple website design to begin their showcase of their live streams, events, deejays, and exclusive party invites.

Being on a low budget, it was difficult for them to get a good website without paying a fortune. I decided to help them because of my music background.

There was a time, about 10 years ago before I started working as a website designer where I was heavily involved in the music scene and music production. Getting exposure was difficult as I couldn't setup a website.

I decided to help them out as this is something which would have been god given to me if I had the opportunity back then. I believe with my help they will be able to gain exposure much easier and faster.



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